What to put in your suitcase for a trip to Canada?

Travelling to Canada is now accessible to everyone. So that’s it, you’ve booked your ticket and are on your way next week for about 20 days to visit the country of our cousins across the Atlantic.

It’s time to pack your bags. That’s good, yes, but what to put in it? You will cross the country from East to West and the temperatures between the Pacific coast and the great Canadian north are completely different and can vary by more than 30°. If you are leaving a little after winter and you don’t want to look like a giant puffball, the first thing to put in your suitcase is a stock of anti-mosquito lotions. Between June and July the mosquitoes or simulants are unusually aggressive and love warm blood and nine of the poor freshly landed tourists who thought a trip to Canada was a relaxing experience. Well no! In the south of the country, these nasty beasts are also vectors of life-threatening diseases and there is no effective vaccine to date.

If you go to a forested area, in addition to mosquitoes, you will meet other charming forest hosts that are ticks. Second thing to put in your suitcase: an effective anti-tick product to buy at a pharmacy or to order on the internet.

Go on a trip to Canada during the winter!

If you have decided to travel to Canada in winter, you will be guaranteed not to come across those nasty insects we have just talked about, but you will experience a good period of cold weather and will spend in certain areas at -30° (a temperature that is often common). The suitcase should then contain a hat, sweaters and fleeces, a pair of warm shoes but not stuffed with bear (you would be quickly spotted by its congeners). Opt for warm cotton, sheep’s wool or synthetic clothing. Finally, if you don’t want your lips to turn into parchment as soon as you get off the plane, don’t forget to take a lip stick for chapped lips and repair cream. If you follow all these little tips, your suitcase will be a great friend to start and continue your trip to Canada properly.

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