How easy is it to travel to Canada?

The means of transportation in Canada are many and varied. They allow you to travel from one province to another at rates that suit all budgets.

Travelling by train across Canada

Of all the means of transportation in Canada, the train is an interesting option for getting from one point to another across the country while enjoying the scenery. It is not the fastest or cheapest mode of travel, but it is for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the country on their journey. The Canadian, a Via Rail train, will take you from Toronto to Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific coast, almost all the way across Canada from east to west. Its compartments are all equipped with panoramic windows, so you will be able to admire the Boreal Forest, the lakes of Northern Ontario, the western plains and the Rocky Mountains during the 4-day trip.

The airplane, a fast means of transportation to travel in Canada

Of all the means of transportation in Canada, the airplane is undoubtedly the fastest way to get from one point to another in this vast country. Many national airlines offer internal flights at very attractive prices. This is the case of the low-cost company Westjet, where you can book flights from Quebec-Vancouver and return from $823 (549 euros). Other companies such as Air Canada or Air Transat also offer many daily flights, at higher fares, between Canada's largest cities.

The bus, a practical and economical solution for travelling in Canada

For students or less fortunate people, a cheap transportation solution is the bus. Greyhound offers 16,000 departures every day to 3,100 destinations across the country. Of course, comfort and speed are not the major advantages of bus transport, but the low ticket price will make you forget this disadvantage.
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