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Published on : 09 June 20202 min reading time

Vancouver, one of the largest cosmopolitan regions on the Pacific West Coast, but also the third largest city in Canada, is a beautiful and vibrant city. There is a cosmopolitan charm in a natural, vast and wooded environment. A fortress city, Vancouver is surrounded by the ocean and spectacular mountains. A destination par excellence, a trip to Vancouver to discover a thriving multicultural urban atmosphere, but also a dynamic life.

A trip to Canada: Vancouver

On a trip to Vancouver, you’ll discover many diverse attractions, from outdoor activities to art galleries, museums and exceptional sights, as well as fabulous shopping and more. You can also enjoy street shows, sporting events such as hockey or the various restaurants offering local and international cuisine. Diversity is what makes Vancouver one of the best cities in the world to visit. During a stay, a trip to Vancouver, you will have a considerable choice of accommodation as there are many to suit everyone’s means. From youth hostels to large 5-star hotels.

Going out in Vancouver

For restaurants, the choice is equally wide, from €5 for a cheap restaurant, €10 for a traditional restaurant and from only €20 for a Grande Table restaurant. If you want accommodation plus catering, you can go to All-inclusive hotels for €120 on average. For students who want to discover Vancouver, many youth hostels are available to allow a coalition of young people to make new acquaintances and friends.

Regarding the activities and sights offered by Vancouver, you can enjoy at any time of the year the Whistler ski resort which is 126 km north of Vancouver. Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain or Mount Seymour, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of winter sports as well as many summer sports, all within 30 minutes of downtown. Other places such as parks, vast, bright streets with wide, uncluttered sidewalks, you’ll simply enjoy walking the streets. With its mountain backdrop, waterfront, rugged coastline, the city of Vancouver has a lot to offer its visitors even for a weekend getaway.

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