Top 10 places to visit in Canada

Canada’s most beautiful sites

There will always be something to do among the ten provinces of Canada. In order to organize your trip to Canada, select a few places that will grab you by their magnificence.

Let’s start with Quebec and especially its historic district, with its citadel and ramparts. But also its small houses straight from the past.

Also in Quebec, which has the particularity of having no less than 43 lighthouses converted by enthusiasts into inns or cottages. For lovers of these traditional constructions, there is nothing like taking this original itinerary during your trip to Canada.

Cedar Lake is a water reserve located in the province of Manitoba. More than 60 km long, this unique place is located near “Grand Rapids”. This natural site exudes a truly amazing charm.

Mount Royal Park is an especially pleasant green space in the middle of summer. Montreal is often referred to as a green and blue city. It’s not for nothing, since this island is home to 19 parks covering nearly 2,000 hectares.

The aurora borealis of Canada’s far north can be observed at any time of the year. They can be seen more than 200 days of the year.

The Thousand Islands, located in Ontario, are exactly 1,865 in number. This archipelago is home to migrating seabirds and charming villages dating back to the United Empire Loyalists.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the largest on the American continent. It has a population of 2.6 million. During his visit, he will pass through Niagara and its famous falls.

Ottawa, located in Ontario, is the capital of Canada. This vibrant city is distinguished by its rich cultural and natural heritage such as its parks and waterways.

Manitoulin Island is located in a lake where, more exactly, there are 108 lakes! It receives approximately 2,000 visits year-round. This is normal when you consider that this place is considered sacred by some Aboriginal peoples.

The 375 million-year-old Percé Rock is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Gaspé Peninsula. The “Pierced Rock” is a must in the Gaspé and the town of Percé is festive, warm and relaxing, not to mention the gannets and whale watching excursions.

It’s all part of a trip to Canada!

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