Discover Western Canada by taking Route 1

With its 9 million square kilometres, Canada is a dream destination for lovers of nature and great scenery. But Canada is also a story of man's conquest of immensity. Don't hesitate to stop at the museums along the way. They will allow you to better understand the country and its people of many ethnic origins.

Route 1 of the Trans-Canada Highway

Canada's ten provinces are connected via the Trans-Canada Highway, sometimes consisting of several parallel roads, for a total length of 7821 kilometres. The country's major cities are connected by this mythical route: from Saint John's, Newfoundland and Labrador in the east of the country, to Victoria, British Columbia in the west.


Route 1 is the name of the main route of the Trans-Canada Highway to the west. It crosses the southern part of the four western Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). The northern route, the Yellowhead Highway, runs parallel to and joins the main route, Route 1 at Portage la Prairie (Province of Manitoba). Route 1 begins on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, on the Pacific coast of Canada. This island is connected to the Trans-Canada Highway by ferry boats from Vancouver. Many sea-related activities are offered there: fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing. Many museums tell the story of the first peoples and colonization. From Vancouver, Route 1 runs along the scenic Fraser Canyon to Yoho National Park on the western slope of the Canadian Rockies. It then continues into the province of Alberta at Banff. Take the time to visit Banff National Park, the most spectacular in the Rockies. The Banff National Park Museum is a wealth of information on local wildlife. Continue on to Calgary, a cowboy town with a rapidly developing economy. Take a tour of the Museum, which tells the story of the settlement of Canada. Continue to Moose Jaw, the capital of Saskatchewan and then on to Winnipeg, a well-developed city that contrasts with the flat prairie landscape of Manitoba. You will have travelled more than 2,500 kilometres. In your quest for Western Canada, plan a couple of weeks to enjoy the scenery, visit the national parks and soak up the atmosphere of these cities, each with something to offer.
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