Escape to Canada and take advantage of low-cost accommodation

Fly to Canada with your family, couple or friends and enjoy the best accommodations the country has to offer at incredible rates!
A fun, inexpensive and close to nature solution, Canada camping accommodation has the added advantage of being very inexpensive. If you plan to travel to Canada in the summer, this alternative can be very interesting. Canadian campsites are extremely well equipped and often offer many activities suitable for the whole family.
There are several choices: camper van rental, tent accommodation or mobile home rental.
If you choose to rent a car, it will be easy to visit the country at your own pace thanks to the hundreds of campsites scattered all over the country. All you need for an unforgettable holiday at the best price!

Where to stay in Canada?

Hotel accommodation in Canada is a little more expensive, especially in the big cities. Nevertheless, you will find hotels at excellent value for money. Also note that the rooms are often very spacious. Finally, don’t always rely on the number of stars, as the Canadian standard is less demanding than the French one.

If you choose Canada B&B accommodation, expect to receive a warm welcome, get to know the local population and benefit from the sound advice of Canadians. These formulas are generally a little more expensive than the hotel, but the quality of service remains irreproachable and the stay is much more convivial!

Finally, youth hostels can be an interesting alternative. The rates offered defy all competition, especially if you choose the dormitory formula. Meetings are numerous, and the common rooms quickly become crossroads dedicated to good deals. In short, if you want to save money and meet travellers from all over the world: choose Canada’s youth hostel accommodation, you will undoubtedly come back with a well-stocked address book.

Unusual accommodation in Canada

Did you manage not to spend too much? Why don’t you treat yourself to a night in an unusual place!?

The Forêt-des-cantons-de-l’Est, near Eastman, is home to a dozen “Hobbit’s house” eco-gîtes. Green roof, round windows, stone and wood interior, enough to satisfy nature lovers and the famous triology!

Would you like to sleep as close as possible to the caribou? Treat yourself to a night in a tent in the Saint-Félicien wild zoo, you won’t be disappointed and will certainly please those who accompany you!

How easy is it to travel to Canada?
Discover Western Canada by taking Route 1