Preparing for a first trip to Toronto

Many people like to travel, to discover new horizons. Canada is often a land that attracts for its great lakes and its succulent maple syrup. But this country has many hidden treasures, such as cities full of resources and wonder. A trip to Toronto can be very rewarding and enjoyable if you know where to go.

Staying in Toronto

When you go on a trip, anywhere in the world, it is important to choose your accommodation carefully, which is, it must be said, an essential criterion. In this great city, there is no lack of choice, as there are many different neighbourhoods with different cultures and traditions that will meet the desires and needs of all. Whether it is in the middle of Little Italy, the Chinese or Indo-Pakistani quarter, you can find hotels, youth hostels, rentals or bed and breakfasts. It is of course possible to find all these accommodations in the heart of the city. Wherever you decide to go, everyone will be happy to present the different culinary flavours that exist in their neighbourhood and in their city.

What not to miss in Toronto

When you decide to make a trip to Toronto, there are some places you should not avoid, such as the CN Tower. Measuring 553 metres high, it offers a breathtaking panorama. On top of that, at the top of the tower is a restaurant with a very pleasant kitchen where you can enjoy a meal while taking in the magnificent view. A trip to Toronto offers, wherever you go, wherever you eat, a pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds! Of course, these are not the only treasures the city holds. Young and old alike will therefore be able to enjoy one of their excursions at the Ripley Aquarium, which presents the seabed and ocean floor with many explanations through dazzling activities. For photography enthusiasts, the Ryerson centre presents numerous 20th century photographs of great figures such as JFK or Marylin Monroe. Toronto is a very active cultural city, every year it hosts many events and has a magnificent museum of fine arts and sciences that is worth a visit. Of course, one should not forget the famous Queen Street West, named after Queen Victoria. Travellers will find there very nice shops, restaurants and caf├ęs.
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