Weather in Canada

When is the best time to leave?

You want to go to Canada but you don’t know which period will be the best time for your trip? What, you have already planned pled, Damart and fur jackets (from your grandmother’s closet for 40 years)? Don’t panic, you won’t die right away (well only if you read this article). Each season has its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, you have to rely on the city you want to land in. Obviously, the further north you go, the lower the temperatures will be and less pleasant for any good Frenchman that we are. Well, we’re simply telling you, the most pleasant season is summer. June, July and August are the hottest months in Canada. Whether you go to Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa, the temperatures should be above 20°C. Toronto has an extra month of good weather with September being the equivalent of the rest of the summer. Ideal if you want to take a vacation on the side. The weather in Canada in summer is rather mild and very pleasant, avoiding the heat waves.

Overview of the weather in Canada

We must not forget that Canada is a huge country, full of forests and mountains. So, if you are a fan of skiing, snowboarding or other thrills, you can also come to Canada for your leisure time and practice board sports. Beware of harsh winters though, as temperatures can reach -20°C. Two cities stand out here with slightly different weather conditions. First of all, Vancouver has very pleasant summers (especially August) but winters of only 3 months (from November to January, the following months stabilizing). As for Halifax, while the summer is rather cool (except for July), it is the only city to offer a decent November. The weather in Canada depends of course on the location. This is the case in countries with such a large surface area. Canada is often visited for its nature and landscapes, so even if the winters are sometimes harsh, the long snowy landscapes and the beautiful lakes are just as many opportunities to travel in winter.

Culturally, summer offers a lot of activity in winter. Spring is when the snow melts and is definitely not the ideal time for weather in Canada. If you are afraid of the cold but are attracted by the beautiful scenery, don’t hesitate and take advantage of autumn and its colours to travel in Canada.

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