Discovering Montreal…

Taking a trip to Montreal is the dream of many people. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city where you feel good whether you come from an English-speaking country or a French-speaking country. It is the cultural and financial centre of Quebec. It is the fourth largest French-speaking metropolis in the world.

Geographic location

The city of Montreal is located in southern Quebec, Canada. It is largely located on the island of the same name. Montreal is located in the St. Lawrence Valley, between the Appalachians and the Laurentians. It is overlooked by Mount Royal and close to Ontario.

History of the city of Montreal

Montreal has been around for about four centuries. The city was created by a group of religious who had the goal of evangelizing the Indians of New France. At the time, it was called Ville-Marie. The economic activity of this city was essentially based on trade.

After colonization by Great Britain, the city experienced an impressive boom with the construction of many buildings, infrastructures… It then attracted a large number of immigrants. After a dark period marked by inflation and unemployment, the city of Montreal rebounded thanks to the banking sector. It welcomed more people, as well as important projects and events in human history.

Tourism, attractions and cultural venues in Montréal

When you want to make a trip to Montreal, accommodation is one of the first things you look at. There is a wide choice of luxury hotels, vacation rentals, but also inexpensive accommodations.

Among the luxury hotels are the Best Western Europa Downtown, the Hilton Garden Inn. These are hotels that offer all the comfort and amenities required for a dream stay. You will find rooms and suites of insolent luxury, spas, and a staff dedicated to your every need…

In addition, during your trip to Montreal, you have the opportunity to discover restaurants that offer local and foreign specialties. This is the case of the Queen Elizabeth restaurant, the Cavalli restaurant, the Tao restaurant.

Bars and discos such as the Electric Avenue Club, the Latin Lovers Night Club are available for the “night owls”.
For those who prefer to stroll through the streets and discover the country’s culture, there is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the New World Theater, the Mausoleum la Pièta…

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